Progress so far

Post about first successes in project.

Hello all. About a week ago I managed to finally embed new lock free hash table into Krita instead of an old one. There were a lot of struggling with everyone’s favorite SEGFAULT and errors which occured in different places in project. During this period of time I’ve learnt how to use GDB and got to like it, cause it helps a lot. So about the project itself, lock free hash table is now a part of Krita and can be enabled/disabled by cmake options, by default it is disabled for now, cause being tested on errors. I tested it on different machines and sometimes got better perfomance by 40%! For me this was a great achievement and also raised my confidence in myself. But nothing goes as you want, when I removed blocking hash table, threads just hopped on other locks and are now waiting there. So for now I will try to get rid of them to boost project to its new heights. :)

Written on July 8, 2018